August 8, 2020

     4 Years
Almost 4 years later. Hard to believe a picture of a LAN party brought me back here. Anyhow. Turns out Ubi dropped support for the activation servers for this game right before my last post. Fortunately for the world, there is OpenRVS. I spent some time this weekend, and managed to get the server back up and running using this software. I also made a lot of modifications to the stats server code to get it functional again. I also had to make a custom build of OpenRVS due to not having Ubi Login IDs anymore. Anyhow, long and short of it, from an old picture, Raven Shield arose from the ashes.

  October 23, 2016

     8 Years
It's been 8 years since I posted anything on here. Been a little less than that since I last played Raven Shield. I don't even know why I came around to update this place. Maybe it was nostalgia? Anyhow, I have removed all the broken links, updated the stats page to work with PHP 7.0, and added SSL for the site. Maybe I'll even start up another server just for old times sake. For now, visit us at

  January 10, 2008

     Finishing Touches
Noticed I had a few bad links, so I went ahead and fixed all of those. Also, I decided to use the status page and linked it in place of the old status. It works exactly the same, except that its an external site, so I have to do a little hack to get it scroll properly. Basically I just oversized the frame and then redirected to the status page. So, there is a little wasted space at the bottom of the page, but it works well enough. So, now everything web related is officially hosted on a dedicated webserver. With the Game server hosting Left4Dead, Raven Shield, and Ventrilo. All I have left to do is get the maps uploaded so I can finally use redirects in Raven Shield.

  January 10, 2008

     We've Moved to a new host!
Thanks to incredibly cheap hosting from I have moved the site to an external server. So, now the website runs independently from the Game Server. I managed to get RvS Stats working with PHP5 so all stats that were on the old server have been fully transferred to this one. I also have L4DStats hosted here. You can access it via the server stats or directly at The only thing still hosted on the Game Server is Ventrilo and the status program for it. I have this site directing the status link to the old one for the time being. Though I am thinking of just using the status available at ( click here for status ). It is effectively the same thing, only I would have to open it in a new window. Finally, I have a few more updates I would like to get done, but for now, all is looking well. We should play sometime.

  December 22, 2008

     L4D Server and Stats Up and Running
I have the Left4Dead Server installed and the stats server up and running as well. The L4D Server can be found at this IP. It will also show up automatically if you are a member of _HOT_ SteamGroup. The stat server, however, is on a different port due to the PHP version problems. The link to Stats can be found under SERVER STATS. It will open a new window due to it being a seperate site and game.

  December 21, 2008

     PHP and MySQL Upgraded
The server is now running the latest version of MySQL and PHP. However, the main site still runs off of PHP 4.3.6 due to RvS stats not working with the new version. So, PHP v5 is setup on a different port. This is in attempt to getting a Left4Dead stats server running, but I am currently running into problems getting it to work. If I do manage to get the L4D stats up, I will be adding a link to the main site, and leaving both versions of PHP installed.

  October 20, 2008

     Server Upgrade Part II
The server received another major upgrade today. It now has the Hitachi Deskstar 7k1000 installed. Bringing total storage space to 2.09TB ( Formatted and usable. Not including OS drive ).

  October 11, 2008

     Server Upgraded
The server went through some major upgrades today. It received a Core 2 Duo E6600, 2GB 800MHZ ram, 256mb 8600gts, and upgraded storage to a total of 1.5TB. It took all of Friday night and most of Saturday, but the reformat is complete. Everything is up and running smoothly.
As an example of the performance increase: The Raven Shield Server now uses 2% - 5% CPU during idle, that's down from 35% on the old system.

  September 25, 2008

     Raven Shield available on Steam..
The Rainbow Six collection just became available on Steam today. Including Rainbow Six 3 Gold for 9.99. Raven Shield Gold

  September 01, 2008

     Well, its over..
Well, the Aug 2008 RvS LAN Party is officially over. It was a blast. Pictures will be posted as I get them. However, the RvS internet server is still up and running. It is waiting for all the new players to join and continue the fun!

  August 29, 2008

Lan Party Starts today! Server stats will be reset for LAN party monitoring. Internet stats will stay backed up and possibly reused.... Server goes down and moves around 5pm! Should be arriving in TN around 10pm. See you there!

  August 20, 2008

     Full Test, 1.1
Added Ventrilo Status link under Server Stats/Ventrilo Status. You can now easliy find out if the Ventrilo Server is up and who is on it.
...Hopefully stopped browser Caching of News Page.

     Full Test, 1.0
Integrated web layout into entire site. All links now work, and external links are directed to open in new window.
..Also added a download section that has the RvS map pack and some other files hosted.
... Feel free to browse around. Some sections are still available only to people who know the password.
...BTW, if you don't have RvS yet. Goto the links and get it off D2D! or.. hit up ebay...

  August 19, 2008

     Initial test, 1.3
Changed banner to first real revision for this site.
..Changed links bar so it had black filler instead of white.

  August 16, 2008

     Initial test, 1.2
Josh B additions
I found some helpful java code to auto resize the iframe window vertically depending on content. It will now change dynamically as the content of the iframe changes so long as the links stay internal. Browser security will not allow the java to run otherwise. This will eliminate the possibility of two scroll bars on the same window.
..Temporarily Relinked Server Stats link to current frontpage to demonstrate ability to resize dynamically.
...Added another .js file (the one doing the resizing) and moved both to /js for orginization.
....Moved News/Updates to a seperate news.html file. The news page now loads in an iframe like all other pages. I did this in the hopes to add conformity to all the layouts. Should be just a matter of changing iframe link per layout now.
.....Final note. When doing further testing you must link internally for the resize to work. Shouldn't be a problem, as all external links can be opened in a seperate window since you would be navigating away from this site anyhow.

  August 15, 2008

     Initial test, 1.1
Now the "Server Info > Updates and Info" (index.html) and "Raven Shield > RVS Stats" (rvsstats.html) pages are up.
I have conformed to JoshB's inner blackness (and .htm hating) and have worked to incorporate RVS stats within a iframe.

     Initial test, 1.0
Note that none of the links will work...
It is necessary to finalize the layout before editing, because the layout is necessary to every webpage template... index.htm and drop.js in notepad to visualize how this webpage setup works (one of the best I've ever put together)...